How to Setup Progress Notes to Show Two Separate Notes as a Connected Group in a Data Query Report

Problem: How can we set up progress notes after a 1-hour session has been completed to also show a separate 10-minute progress note that will accompany it to show up as a connected group of notes in a data query report? 

Solution: Part #1 – Create matching session type codes. One with the description of the 1-hour session. The other with a description of 10-minute documentation.

In this example, I have created two matching sets of type codes for one Billable note I have a corresponding Documentation note. For every billable note that requires matching documentation create system type code (for example) with 800 series numbers or any series of numbers not being used in Session Type. This will make it easy to find when the user looks up the needed session type to record.


For full instructions please click the PDF link below 


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