How to avoid being booted out of the System due time running out


How do I avoid being booted out of the system due to time running out of your session?


Steps for Solution

AccuCare is set up to disconnect after 1 hour of inactivity. This is a security measure to prevent unauthorized users from accessing PHI like a client or cleaning crew. Also, it ensures one user isn't holding on to a license all day when someone else may need to use a license from the pool of licenses. 


The best way to prevent AccuCare from losing your inputs is to log into Accucare do the work needed then log out. As long as you are actively using AccuCare; going from one page to another or one module to another the timer will reset giving you plenty of time complete your work. 


Example Scenarios:

  1. If you are working on an assessment there is a timer in the background running as you are on that page filling it in. When you click the next or stop button, "called an active transaction",  the timer resets to 60 minutes again and saves the page - giving you time to complete the assessment. If you find yourself on the same page for an extended amount of time we suggest you click the forward, backward, or stop button to save the page you were working on. This again saves the page and resets the clock|ack to 60 minutes giving you time to complete the assessment.
  2. If you are working on a progress note, Individual, or group note please beware that while creating the note the timer is ticking down those 60 minutes. If you are a person who writes extensive notes we recommend typing them in word and then copy-pasting them into the note. This is a quick way to save a note with extensive information. You open the note, copy and paste and save the note. This action will reset the clock back to 60 minutes. 
  3. Remaining logged then walking away from your computer will after 60 minutes log you out not saving the page you were on. 


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Customer Support at 800-324-7966 


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