How to Reopen a Treatment Plan Review


I know that a particular client has a treatment plan but when I go in to do a Treatment Plan Review (TPR) the system identifies that there is no TPR to update. Why can’t see the TPR?

Why the Treatment Plan Review cannot be seen:

If the Treatment Plan has been saved with a completed goal date it is considered to be closed so it will not show up on the list of treatment plans to be reviewed.  

Follow these steps to reestablish your treatment plan to show up in the Treatment Plan Review module.

  1. Go to the Treatment Plan Menu
  2. Click Create/View Client Plan
  3. Search for the client
  4. Open the Treatment plan in question 
  5. Click the Edit button 
  6. Look for and remove the Completed Goal Date 
  7. Save the Treatment Plan
  8. Now open the Treatment Plan Review module
  9. Search for and select the client
  10. You should now be able to see Treatment Plan Review


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