What to do if you find Duplicate Clients in Client Intake

Question:  I found a duplicate client in Client intake. Why did this happen? How can I combine the reports from both to put them under one client?


Why did this happen: Duplicate clients occur when a user attempts to add a client to the database that has already been added. The user either does not search for the client or creates the client demographics without entering a social security number and/or a client reference number. Both of these entries are unique identifiers that help stop duplication from occurring. If the user attempts to add a new client which had already been added earlier and enters in the social security number and/or the client reference number the system will send a warning like this -




Incorrect action taken by user: The user goes around the warning by removing the social security number and/or client reference number. The result showing duplicate entry like this –



Correct action taken by user:  The user uses the search option in Client Intake to find the client. If they are unsuccessful in finding the client on the list the Super Admin should be contacted for assistance. The user may not have permission to see all the clients in the database whereas the Super Admin has this ability.  ** FYI - the Super Admin is a user within your organization who can see all clients, add and modify user’s permissions.


How do you combine records of a client who shows up twice in your database?  

First determine if records have been created for the duplicate client like progress notes, assessments, etc…  


If records have not been created then it would be possible for Super Admin to delete this client from AccuCare. WARNING – When a client has been deleted from the database all records associate with the client are removed and cannot be retrieved. This is a permanent action so it should be approached carefully. If in doubt please contact customer support by submitting a request for assistance. Click here to submit a Customer Support Request



If records have been created then it is recommended to print out all records created for the duplicate client. These need to be re-entered into the real client’s records.   


Second Archive the duplicate client’s records. This not only prevents other users from accidentally creating more records but preserves them in case they are needed in the future.

 Click this link to learn more about How to Archive Clients (Video)



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