Once a Session has Expired, why do some Remain in Session Logs as Unknown

Question: Why does Expired Session remain in the System Session Log? Why don't they disappear after a set time?
Answer: Sessions disconnect if a user has logged out incorrectly. The system will hold the license for the remaining time of the inactivity then remove the session.  Others may stay showing: User = Expired Session and Last URL = Unknown. This happens when a user clicks the [Login] button more than once (usually triple-clicking rapidly or not waiting for the system to authentic their first log attempt by clicking multiple times). The result is an Expired Session / Unknown user.  The system is unable to recognize whose session needs to be reset causing the Unknown entry to stay in the queue until it's removed by the Super Admin.


The screenshot below gives you an explanation of what is happening.





When logging into MyAccuCare.com the user needs to wait and not click a second time for a response from the system to either authorize access to give a warning the username, password, or company Id is incorrect. If a notice of an incorrect login is displayed then reenter and click the [Login] button to wait for a response.  


Explanation of 60-Minute Rule - Each organization subscribes to a set number of licenses. When a user logs in a 60-minute timer starts. As the user actively moves through MyAccuCare.com the timer resets itself back to 60 minutes. This must be in place to ensure the user can continually use the license while in use but at the same time disconnect when Idle.  For example, when a user leaves an open session a way was needed to ensure the license would time out after 60-minutes of idle time (not actively moving through MyAccuCare.com). This ensures unauthorized users do not gain access. The only way to release a license properly and legally is for the user to use the [og Out] button. Closing the browser without logging out correctly locks the license because the system needs to keep account of active licenses. The user is considered to still be using the license even if they exit improperly. This is why we have the Session Log so the Super Admin can end the session earlier. 







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