I Can’t Find My Assessment

Question: I entered an assessment but cannot find it any longer. Where did it go?

Scenarios this could happen: There are a couple of scenarios that would cause your assessment not to show when you go back to look for it to make changes or print.  


Scenario #1 – Your client has been archived. This means you would see your client on the list of clients in Client Intake but when you venture to other reports like the assessment they will be hidden (blocked from view).

Solution – First verify the client has been archived by going back to the Client Intake, search for the client then look for “Archived Yes”. If this is the case you will need to contact the AccuCare Super Admin within your organization. They will be able to unarchive the client’s record.  

Here is where to look in Client intake


Scenario #2 – Your client assessment could have been deleted by someone with a higher level of access. You may need to create a new assessment.

Solution – Contact your AccuCare Super Admin to review the User Administration module to possibility limit deletion level access for a select few. It is normally recommended to give Clinician level access to a major of all users and have no more than two Super Admin. This is the best scenario to control who can and cannot delete assessments.


Other scenarios may be causing the assessment to be not found. If you or Super Admin have questions please do not hesitate to customer support to explorer other possible solutions at 800-324-7966 or email support@orionhealthcare.com  We will be happy to assist you!


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