Loaded Wrong File to a Client's Chart


Question:  I am not able to delete the wrong document I uploaded and signed off in a client's chart. How can fix this?



  • You won’t be able to delete the records since they have been signed off. Signing a document makes them part of the historical record. The solution is to flag as being added to the wrong client which does essentially the same thing.
  • Review the steps below and the attached video on how complete this task
  1.  Go to the ‘Chart’ module and search for and select the client that has the file tied to them incorrectly.
  2.  Then select apply filters, and select the description name of the document that was accidentally tied to them. This will pull up another window
  3. From there, select, ‘Amend/Revise’ and then select ‘Edit Document details’.
  4. For the reason for amendment drop-down select ‘Wrong Client’ and then you can write down any notes you would like.
  5. Lastly, select ‘Save Changes at the bottom and you are done. It will flag the document as tied to the wrong client.

   If you need assistance or have questions contact support at 800-324-7966 or you can send an email to support@orionhealthcare.com.


Click the link below for a quick video on how to tag the document as the Wrong Client  added to the client's record

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