How to Change a Diagnosis from Archive to Active in the Diagnosis Module

Question: Our staff is having trouble with the Client Diagnosis module on the menu ribbon. Within diagnosis, the Show Active Only is always checked. But it doesn't show the active diagnosis. Then the diagnosis isn't showing up on the MDA or in Admission/Discharge. I have unchecked the Show Active to get the diagnosis to show up on the MDA but it reverts and hides the active diagnosis.

Solution: The checkbox {Show Active Only} is automatically checked when a user opens Client Diagnosis. This is set to show the user only the Active diagnosis associate with the client’s record. While in the module the user has the option to uncheck this box to view the select client and other clients. When the {Show Active Only] box is unchecked the user will see all Archived and Active diagnosis. Once the user exits the Client Diagnosis it reverts to [Show Active Only}. Click the PDF link below the screenshot for full details.


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