AccuCare 9.8I Release Notes

*** For a full printout of this release click the link at the bottom of this article ***

Here is a list of a few Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Users will now retain their last view in Scheduler when exiting the module, then
    returning back (i.e. viewing 3 staff schedules, exiting to another module, then upon
    returning to Scheduler, the 3 staff schedulers re-appear)
  • Minor fixes in Scheduler to check-in status updates and client search functionality
  • Enhanced Episodes of Care (re-labeled as Admission/Discharge) by adding indicators to the
    tabs of each episode to show if the level of care or episode has been discharged or closed.
    The status of Admission, Discharged or Closed in addition to the date of the status change
    will now appear on the tabs for convenience.
  • Modifications to the National Data Warehouse export engine
  • Improved layout and time increments in all-time pickers used in AccuCare for more
    usability and consistency throughout the system
  • Additional information added to Claims and Unpaid Insurance report for Business (NPI and
    Tax) and Client (Date of Birth)
  • Modify Billing Transfer to include notes from Client Payment in Scheduler
  •  Billing to include additional fields in Provider Information setup to capture “Bill As” details
    to allow a Provider that may use different provider information to submit on claims
  •  Added the ability to enter a label or abbreviation to a Provider in Provider Information, to
    help easily identify when there are multiple Provider records for the same person.
  • Additional merge fields added to Custom Forms Builder to add more data capabilities
  •  Improved readability of progress notes “view only” mode so the text is more visible
  •  Relabeled the "Referrer" fieldset in Client Billing Information to "Referring Provider
  • Additional maintenance to improve the speed and efficiency of Scheduler


Client Census

The Census is a new feature in AccuCare that allows users to view on one screen, a grid of the levels of care/treatment settings that are active, current, and open for one, multiple, or all clients in your agency. The Census can be accessed from the Main Menu of AccuCare.
The Census grid can be filtered by Client(s), Location of Service, Primary Case Manager, Level of Care, and Admission Date. The grid results can also be exported to Excel for further analysis.



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