AccuCare 9.8N Release Notes

*** For a full printout of this release click the link at the bottom of this article ***

Here is a list of a few Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • System Session Log feature will now display all non-active licenses that have expired but are still in use. This will allow administrators to reset licenses for both active and non-active licenses being used.
  • Workflow enhancements were made to Client Diagnosis for adding, editing, deleting, or reporting on the diagnosis.
  • Minor fixes to Client Diagnosis checklist for DSM-5 when displaying search results
  • Modified report name for Active Diagnosis Count
  • Minor fix to display Payer List Abbreviation in Accounting Code Setup
  • Workflow improvements made in Admission/Discharge on handling Diagnosis Codes when adding or editing Episode or Level of Care
  • Improved the View Criteria Report feature in Multi-Dimensional Assessment Report to display Diagnosis Criteria


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