How to Grant/Deny a Client from being seen by a Specific User


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I wanted to ask a specific question in relation to user permission.  For example, if we had a patient, who’s a family member is an administrative assistant.  Is there a way to specifically block the view of just that patient from that admin staff.  In order to remain compliant with HIPAA and protect clinical info such as a progress note. 


Support Response:  Yes, you will need to be a Super Admin for this account to gain access to Managed Permissions. 

a) Go to the Ribbon and select Setup - Main - Managed Permissions 

b) Select the Grant/Deny Clients option  (** Important to see this user in this option their access rights can be no higher than Clinician in AccuCare)  


Explanation of Each Dialog Box   (See instructions and Screenshot below) 


1. Please Select a user  = You will see the user you wish to block here under Active Users (in my example it's the Auditor) 

2) Please Select an Agency  =  Select the Agency the client would be found under  (in my example it's NICASA) 

3) Please Select a User Name =  Select your name on the list since you are the Super Admin for this Agency and should see all clients. This gives you control in the next step to grant all but deny one or more clients. 

4) Please Select a client to grant or deny = Here you will see all the clients - highlight the client on the right side then click the [Remove Client] button to move to deny (left side) the client from being seen by this specific user 

5) Click the [Exit] button 


 Verify by logging in as the user 

- Logging out of AccuCare 

- Refresh your browser 

- Log in as this user and attempt to search for the client in Client Intake





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