How to associate a list of clients to a separate group of clinicians without moving them to a new Agency ID


How do I separate a list of clients to been seen by a new select group other clinicians without moving them out from the original Agency Id


Conditions: Must be a Super Admin to set this up


Steps for Solution:

The following steps will guide through the process:

1) Create a new Agency ID   (See Setup Series Videos for information

2) Create and assign the new Accucare Users to the new Agency ID and give them access "All patients in own Agency"    (See Setup Series Videos for information)

3)  From the Ribbon --> Go to Setup then Managed Permissions - Select Grant/Deny Clients 

4) Select new users - verify the Agency Id

5) Select the other Agency Id you wish to select the client from

6) Select a Clinician from the other Agency Id to see all the clients they have created in AccuCare 

7) Review the list of clients to select the one you wish for the new user to see under the new Agency Id. 

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