How do I Add a Treatment Plan to my Progress Notes?


Question: How do I add a Treatment Plan to my Progress Notes?

Solution: When you start your progress note look for the View Tx Plans Icon mceclip3.png        


- Click the Icon to open the Treatment Plan Client View dialog box



-  Open one of the Treatment plans by clicking the paper icon below the View Detail column


-  If you have found the Treatment plan you wish to add the progress note:

a. Use the ctrl-c and ctrl-v key commands to copy and paste to your note

b. Click the [Close] button to exit this dialog box

c. If you need to pick another one instead click the [Next] button until you find the one you need



d.  Click the [Close] button one more time. mceclip6.png


 -  Screenshot of an added Treatment plan to the Progress notes



For additional questions, contact AccuCare Support at 800-324-7966 or email and we will be happy to assist you!


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