How to Update a Published Custom Form

Problem: How to Update a Published Custom Form



You will need to have least Administrator Level access to work in this module


Steps for Solution:

You would copy the Publish form in Custom Form builder. First create the same form name with Version Number (IE.  From - Client questions  / To - Client question Ver. 2) then Archive the original and publish the Ver. 2. This will hide original form and show the new changed form

  • Step 1 - Open Custom Form Builder - Select the form you wish to update. 
  • Step 2 - Click the [Create Copy] button to create a copy of the Published form. Recommend name the copy with a similar title with Version number at the end) 
  • Step 3 - Next click [Modify Details] button to access the workable form. Make your changes then save, review and publish
  • Step 4 -  Don't forget to Archive the original custom form. This will hide the original custom form from your users. 



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