How to Reset Client Portal Password

How to Reset Client Portal Password


How do I reset my client’s Client Portal password?

Scenario #1 - We received a call from one of our clients saying they had received the notice about Client Portal to fill out/sign recently sent forms but never received a second email with a temporary password to log into the Client.

Scenario #2 – I received a call from a client who forgot their client Portal password.


Step #1 – After signing into OakTree go to the Clinical Icon – this will take you to you My Caseload


 Step #2 – Select your client from your caseload. Be sure to check the email address – verify it is correct.


Step #3 – Go to the navigation bar on the left and select Client Information


Step #4 – Click the [Reset and Send New] this will resend the second email with a new password.


For additional questions, contact AccuCare Support at 800-324-7966 or email and we will be happy to assist you!

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