How do I Send Forms to a Parent with Two Siblings

Question: I am a user of OakTree who is seeing two siblings and I need to send forms to a parent’s email address but I am not able to enter the parent’s email address for both siblings. How do I fix this?

Example Scenario:

 Parent with two children Mandy and Mindy who are being seen by you. You need to send forms to the parent for each child. 


Step #1 – Add the first child to OakTree. You would enter the parent's email address under the Add/Edit Client 


Step #2 - When adding the second child to OakTree you will leave the email address blank here


 Step #3 - Open the Demographic Tab for the second child under the Contact Information - Other section. Here you will enter the parent's email address in the Portal Email Login dialog box. 

  This allows you to send all forms to the parent's email address for both children.



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