How many sheets can I scan into a file to upload into Chart Management

We looked into one of our larger customer's usage of Chart Management to see how they use it and how many files, and types of files, they have saved in there. They were the first client of ours to max out the 10GB of space allowed and opted to add more. They have 30 user-licenses. 


Let me clarify first about units of "size" for these files. This all may make more sense as you read further but I wanted to explain how these units "add up." There are 1000 KB (kilobytes) in a MB (megabyte). There are 1000 MB in a GB(gigabyte). Chart Management Module comes with 10GB. With that being said, below I want to explain our findings for this particular research example.


The organization that we researched has a total of 16GB of storage. They have almost 80,000 files stored in their Chart Management. 57,000 of those files are documents that were filed to Chart Management from within AccuCare and took up between 7-12KB of space each. The remainder (22,000 files) were files that were uploaded to Chart Management from outside of AccuCare and each of those files took up 50-750KB of space. They had one file we saw that was 70 pages full of text and it took up 50KB of space.


This tells us a few things. Files that are filed to Chart Management from within AccuCare will take up much less space than outside files which are uploaded. To counteract this, they have reduced the DPI (Dots per Inch) when scanning a file and uploading. This allows them to save space.  We recommend setting your scanner to 200 DPI  in Gray Scale , if possible when you scan then if you need  to print them at some future time the images will not come out grainy. Suggest scanning a few documents then print them out to test the best DPI that would work best for you. This is important since image quality can vary with with different models of scanners.   

 Quick math would suggest that with 10GB you would roughly have 2/3 of the availability compared to the example above (10GB vs. 16GB). This may be about as exact as we can get due to the actual files that are saved, and/or uploaded, varying in size and content

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