Once In-Use, Can Credentialing Hours Be Changed

Question: If my organization uses Credentials, can I change the existing hours up or down?

Answer: No – the OakTree System will not allow a change or deletion to credential hour type if credentials hours are in-user


Question: What Options do I have to add more hours to Manage Credentials?

Option #1 – You could add the duplicate Category entry with more hours to Manage Credentials (recommended)

  • This will add another category line to the Hour Type
  • All users with this Credentialing Type will see this add to their credentials


Option # 2 – Create a new Credential Type and Credential Acronym with the new hours added. This allows existing in-use credentials to be grandfathered and new users required to use the new requirement. 

For example:

Change Credential Type - Advance Peer in Training to Advance Peer in Training (Revised)

Change Credential Acronym - A-PIT to A-PIT (Revised)

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