Why Does My Session Time Out


Why does my session time out? I am a slow typist. When I create my plans or type in my recommendations they tend to be lengthy. Before I get a chance to finish and save a message pops up saying my time is about to expire.


 Why has my time expired?

When working in AccuCare there is a 60-minute timer running in the background. This is set to protect you the user from accidentally leaving AccuCare open for others to see your client’s notes. Another important reason is to release the license to allow other users access when idle time has been detected. The basic rule when using AccuCare is sign-in, work on your client’s records then log out for others to users.


What is considered Idle time?

Inactivity is considered being idle. For example, if you stay on one tab in the Assessment module not going forward or backward (the system considers this to be idle so the time starts to tick down). When you go from one tab to the next tab in an assessment either forward or backward the time resets back to 60 minutes. This is considered an active transaction so, you have all the time needed as long as you are actively working in AccuCare.



If you find yourself taking long on an assessment tab, take a moment to click the [Forward] button then the [Backward] button this will save the page and reset the time back to 60 minutes. If you are working on a progress note or other statement which requires a lengthy explanation we recommended creating it in word or some other word processor. When done copy the statement into the note.   


*** Take the following action if this message pops up ***

  1. Click the [Resume Session] button – {this does NOT save your entries}
  2. Immediately click on the [Save] button or click the [Forward] or [Backward] button if you are in the Assessment module


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