How to Create Reusable Statements to Progress Note

 If you find yourself having to retype the same generic statement, repeatedly when creating a group or individual note please consider creating and saving them as reusable statements. In AccuCare, we have a place for you to save them so all users can benefit from this option.

Here is how you would create these statements:

  1. Open a progress note and select any client
  2. Next, select the Add Individual buttonmceclip2.png
  3. Click on the [Statements] button at bottom of the Progress Note.
  4. Decided if you plan to create an Individual note or Group note by selecting the correct radio button
  5. Next, click the [Add] button and being typing in your generic note as you want it to appear when used.
  6. Once the note is typed click the save button to add it to your list of statementsmceclip1.png
  7. Repeat Step 4 thru 6 until you are done.
  8. Use the Close button to close the Statement dialog box
  9. Now click the Cancel button since we were only creating new reusable statementsmceclip5.png


For additional questions, contact AccuCare Support at 800-324-7966 or email and we will be happy to assist you!


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