How to Add Statements to Client’s Progress Note

If you haven’t already created reusable Individual and/or Group statements, please refer to the steps on How to create reusable statements to Progress notes

The process is the same on finding the statement as shown when creating but the difference is you are selecting a client of clients you wish to create a live progress note.


Here is how to select a created statement for use in the progress notes:


  1. Open a progress note and select the client or group of clients the note is for
  2. If it is an Individual note click on the Add Individual Note button
  3. Decide either to create an Individual Note or Group notemceclip1.png
  4. Click on the [Statements] button at bottom of the Progress
  5. The button you select will open the list of statements associated with your request – Individual or Group
  6. Find the statement you plan to use by clicking on one of the available statements.
  7. Next, click the [Use] button.mceclip2.png
  8. Once you have tailored the note to the client click the Save button to add it to the client’s notesmceclip3.png
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