Date of Live Progress Note Different than Chart Management Copy

Customer Question:

Why is the Progress Note date different in my Chart Management compared to the date found in the original Progress Note? The Progress Note was completed on 5/23/2020 and printed out as 5/26-5/26/2020 from the client chart.


The reason this happened – Findings:

Please review my findings and the reason why this happened to this client record and group (CBT Group - TR) of clients on this date of 05/23/2020 Type of Session = Education Groups. 

Here what I found out after being able to create the same results in my own AccuCare. The client in question is part of a group called CBT Group - TR so all the clients in this group have the same stamped date of 5/26/2020 in the Chart.  

Here are the steps that caused the advance date of 5/26/2020 to show in Chart 

When the clinician created the group note for (CBT Group - TR) the Session Date entered was 5/26/2020. So when she clicked the [Save and Sign off] the date of 5/26/2020 was stamped in the copy sent over to the Chart for everyone in the group. 

The question is so why do we see now the Service Date of 5/23/2020 in the chart?

The reason this is tied to the Session Date in the progress note. If you were to change the Session Date to the progress note to for example 5/29/2020 then the Service Date would show 5/29/2020 in the Chart. 



My conclusion is after the clinician filed and signed the group note with 5/26/2020 she or a Super Admin (these are only users who can edit the progress note) went back to each client note to change the Session Date back to 5/23/2020 hence the confusion between what we see in the progress note and then viewed the copied preview in the chart which shows a date of 5/26/2020 on screen. 


Look up each client in the Group (CBT Group - TR group) in the Chart. Find the note with the wrong Date of 5/26/2020 for each client and click the [Amend/Revised] button then choose the radio button {Edit Document Detail}. This will allow you to be able to put in a note to explain why the Dates in the preview documents are different from the Service Dates seen in the chart list.  

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