My inputs were Not Saved – Why?

Question: I went to save a group note and was brought to the login screen and the note was not saved. Why did this happen?

Solution:  To ensure proper security and to keep licenses from being locked indefinitely to other users when not in-use, AccuCare is set to time out after 60 minutes of idle time. It is important to state as you save and go from one module to another the 60-minute timer does reset so as long as you are actively using AccuCare you will not be logged out.


Here are some scenarios with solutions on how to avoid this from happening:

Scenario #1 - The user hasn’t completed a save of their work in over an hour – this will automatically log them out not saving their work.

Solution Save often! Most modules have a save button others like the assessment module save as you go from one tab to the next. As long as you save your work within the hour given you should not lose your inputs.


Scenario #2 - The user opened AccuCare to make entries then left to do something else without first saving their work. When they return after an hour their page connection would have expired.  They may even see a static page of the last page they were working on but when they try to save the page they are asked to log in again. All entries on this last page would not have been saved.

Solution Save often! This will retain your inputs if you happen to leave AccuCare idle for over an hour. Work and stay active in AccuCare when done with your work log out. This will ensure your work is saved and other users can log in.


Scenario #3- If your organization is experiencing intermitted Internet connective either wirelessly or wired you may lose your connection to a website which AccuCare is one of those sites.  This may hinder your access to AccuCare and cause saving issues

Solution – If you are a single shop may need to contact your Internet provider for assistance. They might recommend resetting your modem and router. They might need to conduct a diagnostic of your connection. If you are part of a larger organization it is recommended to contact their IT department for assistance and guidance.


The above scenarios are the most common reasons why you may be experiencing a saving or connection issue. If after following these solutions, you are still experiencing problems please do not hesitate to contact AccuCare customer support at 800-324-7966 or email

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