I Forgot My Password!

Problem: When  logging into AccuCare you receive a message “Wrong Password”

 ******** Review these rules before going on to the solutions ********


Rule #1 – The username is all one word – spaces are not allowed

                Rule #2 – The password is case-sensitive - Test123 is different from test123

   Rule #3 – The Company ID is all one word – spaces are not allowed



Situation #1 – If you are a standard user of AccuCare

As a standard user please contact your Super Admin with your organization. This is the person who initially set you up in AccuCare with a username and password. They will be able to reset your password.


Situation #2 – If you are a Super Admin

Submit a request for help on resetting your password by clicking this link Submit a Request to Support.


Situation #3 – If you are Super Admin who needs instructions on how reset a user’s password

    1. Sign into AccuCare
    2. Go to the Ribbon at the top
    3. Click on Setup --> Users
    4. Find the user on the list of users
    5. Click the [Edit]
    6. Change the password and confirm password dialog boxes
    7. Check the box next to Change Password at Next Login
    8. Save



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