Billing Reports Guide

Accounting Reports

The current Accounting reports available in AccuCare Billing:


Charge Journal:                                A listing of all the charges entered into the Transaction Register.

Deposit Summary:                          A listing of all the Customer and Insurance Payments entered into the system.

General Ledger Journal Entry:    All the entries and displays associated accounting codes with offset accounts.

General Ledger Activity:               A summary of the general ledger with entries associated with accounting codes.

Client Activity Summary:              This shows totals and balance amounts for each client.

Accounts Receivable Aging:        All clients with an open balance; shows the total balance and the aged balances.

Note: the aging date is based on the date entered (the date activity was entered).

How to produce an Accounting Report:

Choose Report - Select which report you would like to view.

Filter Field – Select the category you would like to filter for the report. If no filter is selected, then all of the activity in the system will be displayed on the report.

Value(s) – Dependent on the Filter Field selection, this drop-down will provide a specific value to be selected to be displayed on the report.

Click Apply button, to apply the filter choices to the bottom box. This area shows all the filter selections before previewing the report.

Note:     Multiple filters can be used for any of the reports.

A cover page will be provided with each report to display the filter selections. If you would not like to print a cover page, un-check the “Exclude Cover Page” checkbox in the Additional Options area.


Standard Billing Reports 

This is a list and description of all the current Billing Reports available in AccuCare including:

Client Statement:            A statement that displays all of the client’s activity and displays a total balance, insurance pending, and balance due amounts.

Transaction Report:        This report will show all of the transactions and entries posted in AccuCare Billing. Users can print a report only showing transactions from the Transaction Register or just the insurance payment activity from the Insurance Payments or choose to display both transactions and insurance payments activity.

Provider Totals:                A list of transactions and insurance payments grouped by the provider.

Claim Counts:                    Displays all the claims submitted, including the insurance plan and the claim method.

Claims and Unpaid:         Produce a report that shares the individual transaction information of services submitted on a claim. Includes information for paper and electronic claims and groups the services by the insurance company. This report can also display only the unpaid claims or all paid and unpaid claims.

Missing Information:      For any transactions that have a status of “Missing Information” in the Prepare Claims screen, this report will show the information that needs to be completed to have the status updated. Any transaction with a Missing Information status will not be submitted to insurance.

For a printout of this guide please see the PDF link below

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