How to Attach Two Report Headings to Same user when there are Two Agency IDs


Question: I have a staff member who works at two agencies located at two different physical addresses. Is there a way to let this staff member choose the corresponding address for each location when they are printing a treatment plan or some other report?


 Answer: Yes,  (You will need to have Super Admin access) 

1)  To accomplish you will need to create two user sign-ins. Go to User Administration Module associate the first of the entry one agency and save. Now create a new user but with a different user id for this same user. Associate agency 1 to one sign-in and other sign-in to agency 2.


2)  It is OK to have the same password for both  


3) When the user signs in with a user id associated with agency 1 the proper heading will print out. If they sign with the user id to agency 2 then this heading will appear in the report.   


This will ensure the proper report heading shows up when they print out the treatment plan at one agency vs the other.

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