How do I remove a Login Session that has been closed incorrectly by a user? - Super Admin


 How do I remove a session that has been closed incorrectly by a user?


 As a Super Admin you have the ability to see who is sign into Accucare by looking at the System Log.


 How to find the System Logs:

 1) Sign into AccuCare

 2) Go to the Accucare Ribbon above the main menu

 3) Move your mouse pointer Setup then down to System then to System Session Log and click on to open


What you will see:

 1) All users who are logged in at the moment 

 2) On each line you will see User, last location user was in, amount time they have been been active and a open check box


To remove a user's session check the box on the same line as the user - Click the [End Session] button - you will be asked if you are sure. You will need to confirm by clicking the [OK] button. Repeat this step for all users you wish to release their sessions.


Note: As a Super Admin looking at this log  you will notice your session is grayed out to prevent you from accidentally ending your own session. 

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