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Can you explain how the AccuCare user session functions and how it identifies when someone is in idle state?



When a user logs into AccuCare the timer is ticking down from 60 minutes. This login is connected to a session. The time resets itself back to 60 minutes when the user moves to another module or page within the module, so a user can be in AccuCare longer than hour if they actively using it.

  If a user were to stay idle, they would receive a 2-minute warning at the 58 minute mark of the hour. The user would need to respond to the warning before end of the 2-minutes or the page will expire- requiring them to sign in again.

  The best way to insure the no one’s session expire is to instruct your users to log in, enter their note, assessment, treatment plan etc... As long they are active the session will stay open. When they are done working in AccuCare log out properly by click the logout link found on the AccuCare Ribbon. Basically go in perform your work then logout to properly release the session. 



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